IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing


IT Outsourcing has been there for now since last 2-3 decades or more and has only evolved with time. It has been one of the major contributors in the development of certain economies around the world and has played one of the key roles in globalization

Every time there is a technology advancement, need for IT Outsourcing has only increased making it an integral part of Global IT alignment across firms. Every Year, Annual IT spends get derived based on the level of aggressive growth plans that the firms decide for themselves and IT Outsourcing budgets also get decided accordingly

Professional IT Outsourcing models predominantly are of three different types i.e. On-shore, Off-shore and Near-shore, each having its own pros and cons mainly considering factors such as Cost-effectiveness, Quality and Time-Zone difference. These models are driven by pricing strategies such as Time & Material (commonly known as T&M) and Fixed Price. Based on Client’s requirement, relevant IT Outsourcing arrangement gets agreed upon before proceeding

At ValueSign, we engage with our Clients in understanding their IT Outsourcing requirement/s based on their business need and accordingly guide them in identifying the appropriate outsourcing model

We follow a collaborative approach wherein we become an integral part of their growth journey by being their partners in their technology outsourced projects predominantly in the areas of Digital, Cloud and Analytics along with Automation majorly utilizing agile lean based approach thereby helping them in achieving the desired outcomes resulting in Operational excellence

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